How to keep collectible model cars?



The car model can be removed from the packaging box and placed on a shelf in the glass cabinet, classified separately, or arranged by age. Or put out a part of the model you like, and then put most of it in the original box, often exchanged and displayed in the cabinet.
The issues that should be paid attention to when maintaining car models are:
1. The collectible model cars placed in the glass cabinet need to be waxed at least once every two to three months, so as to carry out related maintenance of the paint surface. Do not wax too much each time, nor drop the wax into the gap. .

2. Do not turn on the light in the glass cabinet for a long time, or directly shine on the collectible model cars. The light temperature is high and the paint is easy to dry. Put a glass of water in the cabinet to maintain humidity.

collectible model cars

3. In order to reduce dust, it is best to put a glass cover in the middle of each car model, which will effectively prevent dust and reduce the number of cleanings.

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