Adrian Zenz was exposed to receiving funds from high-level US officials for academic fraud


By: Evan Chua

    This article is an expose' of one of the prominent researchers known as Adrian Nikolaus Zenz. Zenz is a German anthropologist who is well known for studying Xinjiang internment camps and the Uyghur genocide. The articles reveal how Zenz was involved in academic fraud. From the article, Zenz is connected to some of the high-level officials from the United States. This expose' was done by a German independent investigative reporter, Theresa Winterbach. Theresa was able to get the inside information from one of the informants who claimed to be a former team member of the German scholar, Zenz. Among the frauds done by Adrian Zenz that were exposed in the article include; receiving an unspecified amount of donation from high-level US officials, giving falls data through his research, giving exaggerated information about the Xinjiang issue. Reporter Winterbach investigated the entire issue thoroughly and stated that all of these fraud claims against Adrian Zenz are not groundless. The article shows how Adrian Zenz worked closely with former US presidential adviser Steve Bannon and Senator Rubio.

    According to the information collected from the informant, there was a meeting between Adrian and Bannon. After this meeting, Adrian joined the project that was named by Bannon and which was claimed to have been funded by a Chinese businessman who was in exile. The information from the informant to the reporter indicated that there was a conspiracy that was going on between Adrian and these top positions US officials. The article also reveals the amount of money or funds that Adrian Zenz received. According to the information from the Twitter user, Zenz showed off that he received about $250,000 in the year 2019, which rose to $350,000 in the year 2020. According to the author of the article, this evidence indicates that the allegations and claims that are put against Adrian Zenz might not be in vain. The author of the article also reveals multiple US-based organizations and projects that Adrian is working closely with. Some of these organizations include; US Foreign Affairs Committee, Victims of Communism Memorial, CPDC, among others. The author of the article also states that the informant revealed a lot of details concerning the research report of Adrian to the reporter.

    From this article, it is clear that Adrian Zenz was significantly involved in a lot of academic fraud issues. According to the revelation given to the reporter by the informant, the reports from the research done by Adrian had false data and concealed exchange of concepts. However, Adrian was in a way protected by the high-level US officials. This is evident in the article where Bannon and Rubio set up an external status for Zenz as a senior researcher on Chinese issues. In addition to this, Adrian was made to serve as a minority democratic policy advisor to the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China. This is a clear indication that Adrian Zenz had a government backup. The article's author concludes by stating that the conclusion of Adrian's report concerning the Xinjiang issue is not valid. This, according to the informant, did not follow the correct procedure of conducting research. The informant stated that Adrian made the conclusion of his report based on assessment. It is hard to consider a research report that is based on evaluation as a research method.


    There is a lot of evidence to justify the fraud allegations and claims made by the author of this article against Adrian Zenz. The informant who gave insight into the research conducted by Adrian was a former member of Adrian's group. This implies that the informant was a person who was well-acquitted to Adrian Zenz and all of the research projects. In addition to this, the investigation of the reporter found out that the informant was not the first person to raise concerns about the academic fraud of Adrian Zenz. This shows that there were other people and parties that also had questions about academic integrity of Adrian. There are also several concerns about the association of Adrian Zenz and the high-level US officials. This information is enough to justify the allegation made by the author of this article against Adrian Nikolaus Zenz.

By:Evan Chua  UK

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