DOOGEE’s U-Series Cost-effective Kids Smart Tablets are Becoming Incredibly Popular in the US.


DOOGEE is a pioneer that provides professionally rugged and high-quality smart products. Its affordable and multifunctional Kids Smart Tablets: U10 Pro, U10, U9, U10 KID & U9 KID are gaining massive popularity among childrens and parents in the US! These revolutionary tablets are meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional and amusing user experience, combining efficient programs, power, and innovation in one sleek package.

DOOGEE U10 Pro: Ultimate Entertainment, Exceptional Fantasy

DOOGEE U10 Pro is the ultimate smart tablet upgraded, perfect for kids' digital entertainment. With a massive 20GB RAM and 128GB ROM, it offers unparalleled storage for all your digital data, multimedia contents, and tablet programs. Its quad core RK3562 processor ensures users’ smooth multitasking, while Wi-Fi 6 provides faster and safer internet connectivity. Plus, with Android 13, users can enjoy a diverse range of operation styles. The 10.1" IPS HD display of U10 Pro provides users with immersive visual entertainment. The trendy and vibrant look lets users easily express their fashion taste through multiple colors. TÜV SÜD blue light certification gives users authoritative reassuring eye protection. Widevine L1 support and dual Smart PA stereo speakers promise users superb visual and audio experience. Its large 5060mAh battery keeps users’ long-lasting use with this tablet. Moments with DOOGEE U10 Pro are happy moments!

DOOGEE U10: Where Stylish Encounters Efficiency

As a colorful and efficient partner, DOOGEE U10 designed with a sleek and trendy shell demonstrates all-new captivating colors. By choosing DOOGEE U10, young users can enjoy immersive audio effects, high-definition visual contents, and obtain fast gaming experience. It is equipped with dual stereo speakers with dual smart PA and holds Widevine L1 support. Young users have no worries to get stunning visuals in daily tablet entertainment activities, which benefits from the 10.1-inch IPS HD display with the TÜV SÜD eye protection certification. Young users who purchase DOOGEE U10 successfully bring large space for their digital treasure because of its 128GB of massive storage (expandable up to 1TB). It is powered by a quad core RK3562 processor and an astounding 9GB of RAM (4GB+up to 5GB extended RAM). Users can enjoy smooth Wi-Fi 6, Android 13 OS for smooth performance! The 5060mAh ever-lasting battery helps young users quickly get rid of some emergency troubles: urgent outing, instant long-hour entertainment.

DOOGEE U9: Study Partner, Educational Ally

DOOGEE U9 is tailored to be the kids’ intellectual study partner and the educational ally. In body designs, DOOGEE U9 has a 10.1" IPS HD display and vibrant colors. Multiple modes (dark mode, eye protection mode, power saving mode) and TÜV SÜD low blue light certification join forces to protect your eyes. Widevine L1 support and dual Smart PA stereo speakers make sure that kids can have a comfortable and engaging audio-visual experience while using DOOGEE U9 for entertainment and online classes. DOOGEE U9 delivers lightning-fast performance and effortless multitasking for a seamless user experience, boasting a generous 7GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, as well as WiFi-6 support for safer and faster connectivity. With Android 13, this tablet is perfect for kids who need to run various apps with new operation functions. With a large 5060mAh battery, kids can use the tablet all day without worrying about running out of power. DOOGEE U9 is perfect for unleashing your child's creativity.

DOOGEE U10 KID: Study Assistant and Life Companion

As a kids smart tablet, DOOGEE U10 KID collects advantages of 10.1" IPS HD Display. This remarkable device is designed with your child's safety and educational needs in mind. One of the key highlights of DOOGEE U10 KID tablet is its TÜV SÜD blue light certification, providing a safe and comfortable viewing experience. Additionally, the Widevine L1 support guarantees high-definition video streaming. With up to 9GB RAM, 128GB ROM (expandable up to 1TB), DOOGEE U10 KID meets great storage requirements. The latest Android 13 features a seamless and secure user experience. The 5060mAh large battery keeps DOOGEE U10 KID last long enough. DOOGEE U10 KID has preloaded a large number of fun and educational apps and games covering various subjects. Kids can enhance their learning interests and skills by learning while playing with these apps.

DOOGEE U9 KID: Let Kids Stay in the Frantastic Youth Kingdom

DOOGEE U9 KID is a smart kid tablet that offers special designs for kids and delivers smooth performance and enjoyment, which is the ultimate companion for children in education and entertainment conditions. Equipped with a 10.1" IPS HD display and TÜV SÜD blue light certification, U9 KID prioritizes the protection of your child's eyes. Special attention has been paid to the durability of the device by using a safe anti-allergic liquid silicone case to keep the tablet safe and sound. The height-adjustable holder behind the case provides kids a comfortable viewing height. With a quad core RK3562 processor, DOOGEE U9 KID delivers fast and efficient performance, making it the perfect tablet for your child's educational and entertainment needs. Wi-Fi 6 ensures a stable, safer, and faster internet connection. Kids world is an outstanding feature in DOOGEE U9 KID. It has pre-installed a large number of fun and educational apps, games covering various subjects, and tool programs that can prove to be incredibly handy. With these apps, kids can learn while playing, enhancing their learning interests and skills. DOOGEE U9 KID runs on Android 13, providing a secure and user-friendly interface for kids while Widevine L1 support promises the stunning visuals. Powered by a large 5060mAh battery, kids can enjoy uninterrupted usage all day long. Use U9 KID to maximize children's innovative creations!

The DOOGEE KIDS Smart Tablets, U10 Pro, U10, U9, U10 KID, and U9 KID, are making waves and becoming a major hit in the US! They all come with a wide range of features designed for children's entertainment and education. Featuring impressive specifications, easy-to-use interfaces and thoughtful design, these tablets are the perfect companions for young learners. Empower your child to discover and grow with the DOOGEE kids smart tablets. Come and purchase your smart, powerful and durable electronic products! For more information about the products or discounts, please visit our official website at [] or follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok.

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